Your Most Reliable Partner
for the Unpredictable Road Ahead

All the component-design challenges facing automotive OEMs in such a highly competitive market—accommodating unique space configurations, reducing material weight and overall cost, maximizing performance longevity and reliability . . .

They intensify ten fold when that component is safety-critical.

For stabilizer bars, only New Mather Metals enables you to fully access the scope of solution possibilities, and still keep your sourcing to one supplier, optimizing your production cost-efficiency and quality-consistency.

Why New Mather Metals?

Greater Engineering & Manufacturing Versatility

Unlike any other major supplier in the automotive industry, New Mather Metals has the production capabilities to manufacture both solid and seam-welded, hollow-tube stabilizer bars.

In the hands of a design- and manufacturing-engineering team, with a global reach and 80-year-historic experience in automotive-suspension components, this production versatility gives you a single-source gateway to the broadest range of design solutions.

Why New Mather Metals?

Cost-Saving Production Efficiencies

Along the way to delivering your particular stabilizer-bar solution, New Mather Metals maintains a streamlined, fully integrated production operation that minimizes inventory, eliminates unnecessary labor and, when necessary, can expedite orders.

Meanwhile, New Mather’s comprehensive assembly capabilities further simplify logistics and deliver even more value.