Cost-Efficient Production


Automotive OEMs and their suppliers consistently realize that the hidden value of New Mather Metals is its manufacturing engineering that actualizes its advanced stabilizer-bar designs in the most cost-effective way possible.

Furthermore, as the world’s largest stabilizer-bar manufacturer, New Mather stays ahead of the curve on investments that continually optimize production cost-to-quality.


Streamlined Systems

Based on a Monozukuri lean-manufacturing and continuous-improvement philosophy, New Mather Metals maintains a streamlined production process that optimizes efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Multiple, fully independent production lines, equipped to turn raw material into a finished stabilizer bar, with virtually no interruption, enable New Mather to:

  • Minimize inventory
  • Eliminate redundant and unnecessary labor
  • Expedite orders with clockwork consistency

To this end, New Mather partners only with suppliers that have the capability to follow its JIT lead and, whenever possible, New Mather sources domestically to further control costs.


Fully Integrated Capabilities

New Mather Metals’ operation yields a finished stabilizer bar, with no outsourcing for prep or post-op work. Cutting, forming, fabrication, epoxy power coating and e-coat, QC-check testing . . . It all happens here, under one roof.

Plus, further solving logistics and production-cost problems, New Mather maintains ancillary operations to deliver a full stabilizer-bar assembly, complete with everything from rubber bushings and clamps, to stabilizer links and bonded bushings—ready for your production line.