Advanced Design Capabilities

Literally driving the innovation under the hoods of millions of vehicles on the road today is the engineering team behind the work at New Mather Metals—the world leader in stabilizer-bar production.

History Meets the Future

Leveraging decades of design experience, tackling countless application challenges while working closely with customers, New Mather Metals brings an unrivaled engineering capability to the table.

Creating everything from conceptual designs to full-scale production parts, New Mather and NHK International’s CAD designers employ the very latest software technologies, including NX and CATIA to realize 2D and 3D images of a new stabilizer bar.

The process includes:

  • Streamlined communication with you, the customer
  • Engineering support for product design/development
  • Quality-control support
  • Ongoing R&D involving—
    • Material development support with R&D department for customer approval
    • Development of new items for customer’s future demands
    • Benchmark study
  • On-site CAD/CAE support with highly skilled operators

Experience Leads the Research

The knowledge-base NHK Group and New Mather has built over the years continues to mark the way for exploratory research that takes a 360° assessment of how to raise the bar, so to speak, in suspension-component performance.

Currently, for example, R&D is conducting electrochemical experiments to study corrosion-related problems, working to achieve a better understanding of the correlation between localized corrosion due to coating damage and the initiation of environmentally assisted cracking.