Comprehensive Testing

With the highest reverence for the safety-critical class of its stabilizer-bar products, New Mather Metals invests heavily in its testing-lab facilities and equipment, as well as the caliber of professionals who are on staff to run it.

Sophisticated, Cost-Saving Design Analysis

New Mather’s expertise at the design-analysis phase—powered by, arguably, the industry’s deepest resource of testing data—compresses the prototype-to-production process and reduces cost.

  • FEA-based design, necessary for automotive program development
  • Static/dynamic, linear/nonlinear and elastic/plastic FEA-based approach to developing new product- and process-testing equipment
  • In-house software development capabilities
    All of the tools in New Mather’s entire FEA-based product-design system are developed by NHK Group’s own R&D team. This flexible programming capability in, C++, MATLAB, Python and other programs further improves design–manufacturing efficiency.

Invaluable Human Resources

More than half of the test engineers behind New Mather’s stabilizer-bar innovations are skilled lab technicians with, at least, 10+ years of experience in the suspension system testing field. This depth of understanding of the testing process, and the operational skills required to optimize it, translates into the highest test-result reliability.